Citizens of Earth

Today, November 10th, 2015, marks a very important day in history. I’ve decided to, after months of consideration and procrastination, to hop on board the WordPress life. I had put this off for a while, mostly due to my concern of the blog’s name. I was so hard set on not making anything until I had the up-most perfect name, but then I realized that it didn’t matter. I mean sure, to me, the name does matter. I’ll see it every time I come to update this blog, and when I promote it to others. But this name (currently ‘advertmarking’– for the records) isn’t set in stone. Just like many things online, it can be tweaked and perfected and I shouldn’t be using that as an excuse to hold me back. I’ve got ideas- coming up with weak excuses on why I can’t use them won’t help anyone. So I’m here. Excited. Nervous. Confused.

Let’s do this.

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